Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hope Baptist Church at 'Love Calderdale'

Hope Baptist church had the joy on the 19th of May to be part of the Love Calderdale event held in the Piece Hall in Halifax. Though the  weather could have been better a large number of people visited the event. Many churches and organisations had stalls through which they showed how  love and goodness can and does make a difference in our communities.

There was a childrens' choir and music to suit every taste. Young people could test their head for heights on a climbing wall or get involved in some of the other activities provided like the human fruit machine.

Hope Baptist Church's contribution to the the day was to provide get people of all ages involved in stone painting. From 12:00pm, when the event opened, until 4:00pm when it finished. (There were some outdoor Baptisms planned for later) we engaged with a steady flow of people wanting to have a go at painting.

It was great to be part of this day of mission as part of the Pentecost weekend celebrations. A big thanks to Vicky, Christine, Sybil and everyone who gave up their Saturday to bless others. God's love and goodness was very much in evidence.

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