Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Is a Baptist chapel a suitable venue for a Blues Festival? These people think so:

'... strange, but it's good'

'... quite unique'

'... venue for music. It's amazing'

'... brings people closer together'

'There's an intimacy and intensity you wouldn't normally get in other venues'

'... makes people realise there's something lively in here'

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  1. I have been to all three Hebden Bridge Blues Festivals. They are really well organised, well attended by wonderful well behaved people and last year for many reasons they won the Best British Blues Festival Award. It is a huge credit to the Baptist Chapel that they took what they must have considered a great risk by letting the premises be used for the Festival. I think they should be very happy that this year's event was again a huge success and in no small part due to the use of their building. The ambience was superb and the atmosphere vibrant. If they want to see how beautifully the Chapel and the Music worked together they should watch the wonderful soul singer Kyla Brox on YouTube singing so beautifully on Their stage. Bravo.

  2. Agreeing to the bar at the back did take some discussion. But then, it's some of our older members who have been my greatest inspiration and the decision was a unanimous 'Yes'. They saw the importance of opening up our special sanctuary space. Comments on our short video reflect that - and the beauty of Kyla Brox's amazing voice says something about God's creative power. Who wouldn't be moved by watching the YouTube clip: http://youtu.be/VRvVxPfIt2Y