Renew Hope

Hope Chapel exists to provide a sanctuary - a safe place - for anyone and everyone. That includes providing a place of refuge in times of difficulty or stress. So, recognising the growing need to promote wholeness and wellbeing, particularly during current times of uncertainty, 'Renew Hope' is being opened from this Autumn as part of a national network of caf├ęs based on the Renew Wellbeing concept. 

A Renew space is a place where anyone can suggest an activity, share a hobby, learn a new skill, make connections and be signposted to any help they need. It is a space where it is understood that we are all on a sliding scale of mental wellbeing and where it is possible to access help from the council’s mental health team without referral. It is a space where any faith and none are welcome to belong, to reduce social isolation and deal with the causes of mental and emotional ill health. It is a space where people can encounter God’s love and develop healthy inner practices of prayer and meditation.

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