Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Church, Sexuality, Inclusion


A more topical subject in Hebden Bridge that in most places


  1. Is Steve Chalke's view point the same as that of the majority of members of Hope Baptisit Church? We are a lesbian couple who are hoping to Marry and have children. We want to find a church for us when we move to Hebden. Are you Gay friendly on the whole as a church? Do other gay couples attend your church? Bec and Kierri :)

  2. After reading Steve Chalke's view point on Gay inclusion within the church, I wanted to know whether you would be a potential suitable church for myself as a female in a same sex couple? My partner and I hope to marry, settle and raise kids in Hebden and finding a church to support us is very important, regards, Bec and Kierri :)

  3. Bec & Kierri
    You will be aware that Steve Chalke's comments made him a focus for some criticism: A bold man of faith and, personally, I tend to agree with him.
    The straight answer to your question is that there are no gay couples in our small fellowship at the moment. But, our church aims to support the spiritual and emotional well-being of all - particularly those in the local community that we serve.
    Anyone asking about church membership or marriage would tend to get the response 'Let's talk'. Both are ultimately about love and commitment.
    I'll ask our minister Allan to get in touch. Could you drop me an email to gerard@objective.uk.com so I can make the connection?
    Many thanks for making contact.
    07973 837 342